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GELITA - Improving Quality of Life

With innovation, excellence and unparalleled service, collagen protein specialist GELITA helps companies throughout the world find novel application areas and open up new markets.

As the world's leading manufacturer of collagen proteins, GELITA has the expertise required to provide customers with an innovative product portfolio that can improve the quality of life of people all over the world. GELITA's collagen proteins intensify the indulgence of eating, contribute to health and play an important part in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

GELITA at a glance

GELITA is a family owned multinational company. Currently, the company operates more than 20 plants and sales offices worldwide, with about 2,600 employees who cater for the needs of its customers on six continents. GELITA produces gelatine, collagen and collagen peptides for food, pharmaceuticals, health applications and technical products.

To be ahead of the crowd

GELITA's premium products help companies to improve existing products in their portfolios as well as to find new application areas and enter new markets. Currently, GELITA is working on solutions based on collagen proteins for alternative delivery systems, beauty, anti-aging, mobility and performance - giving its customers the opportunity to go with the "Health" megatrend. For instance, the nutricosmetic market (beauty from within) shows a considerable growth year by year, led by Asia, and followed by EU, US and Brazil.

A versatile product portfolio

GELITA traditionally stands for high quality gelatine. However, the company has expanded its portfolio considerably over the years to broaden its depth of coverage and become a provider of individual nutrition concepts. Collagen, collagen peptides and FPM (Fats, Proteins and Minerals), all produced to the highest quality standards, are the ingredients which help GELITA to realize the additional functionalities required to achieve this aim. Individually or in combination, these products represent enormous potential.

Gelatine: more than just a gelling agent

GelatineToday, GELITA produces high quality gelatines for the food and pharmaceutical industries. As these highly purified proteins act as fat replacers, gelling, binding and whipping agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers and foam formers, they can be used in a wide range of food applications. From desserts, dairy and bakery products to sliceable aspic-coated meat products and sausages and even beverages, gelatines help to improve texture, taste and mouth-feel. Increasing viscosity, forming films on surfaces, absorbing water and acting as a buffer are further important application parameters of gelatine. In pharmaceuticals, the natural protein is mainly used for hard or soft gelatine capsules, for vitamin coating, wound management and as blood plasma expander. It can also be used in a variety of technical applications, such as fertilizers, photographic films and papers, detergents and matchsticks.

And it's not just the food industry that benefits from GELITA's specialty applications -private households and food suppliers benefit too. For example, with GELITA® Leaf Gelatine, an especially easy to use and convenient form of gelatine, home cooks, caterers, bakeries and even butchers can create dishes that require gelatine, quickly and easily.


Collagen peptides: improving health and backed by science

GelitaAlongside gelatine, GELITA also offers collagen peptides for healthcare and nutrition. Today, functional foods with added value for health and specific dietary supplements are in great demand. GELITA's Bioactive Collagen Peptides® allow manufacturers to develop food supplements and functional food helping to improve skin, and maintain bone and joint functions. For instance, in recent published studies, it has been proved that VERISOL® improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkle formation. Further, FORTIGEL® measurably regenerates joint cartilage and FORTIBONE® enhances bone structure in humans. For pets, GELITA has developed PETAGILE®, which improves mobility and activity especially of dogs. Other collagen proteins can be used in products to reduce calorie density. When it comes to boosting the supply of vital proteins in the body, PEPTIPLUS® is the ideal choice: This high quality natural protein source is extremely bioavailable, easy to process in beverages as well as bars, and readily dissolves in cold water. A yet unpublished published clinical Study showed a convincing effect of PEPTIPLUS® to counteract the loss of muscle mass for elderly people showing Sarcopenia symptoms.

GELITA has not only patented most of its collagen peptides, but also demonstrated their efficiencies in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

All GELITA collagen proteins are natural foodstuffs, rather than food additives. Thus, they do not have "E-numbers" - a fact that is welcomed by manufacturers, especially those who are looking to develop Clean Label products. Another advantage is that the peptides are easily digestible and non-allergenic.

Contact details:

Uferstrasse 14l
69412 Eberbach
Phone: +49 6271 84 01
Email: service@gelita.com
Website: www.gelita.com