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Fortified Gummies - the Tasty Way of Application

Published 13 October 2016 | By Gelita

Fortified gummies are an excellent vehicle to transport different substances into the body. The great popularity of gummy candies also applies to fortified gummies. This is mainly based on the texture- and taste-providing properties of gelatine.

Fortified gummies first made their appearance in the US in the late 1990s as an alternative delivery method for children's vitamins and minerals. Having been traditionally administered as medicinal syrups or chalky and unpleasant chewable tablets, children'scompliance with dietary supplements had until then often been hampered by undesirable, inconvenient formats and unpalatable tastes.

So when these novel confectionery-like products appeared on the market, they were quickly embraced by the industry and young consumers alike. Indeed such has been their success that manufacturers are now expanding the category into the adult world too.



Of the $35 billion US supplement market (2013), fortified gummies represent approximately $2.5 billion or 7%. Based on two key factors, industry experts estimate that there will be an increase of almost $4 billion in the sector by 2019: firstly, quite simply, gummies taste better than traditional supplements, and secondly, chewable products eliminate the most common obstacle among older users -- the difficulties associated with swallowing large tablets or capsules.

Meeting market demands

When it comes to choosing confectionery products, consumers are predominantly looking for a treat. As such, taste and texture are critical. People won't buy gummy candies just because they promise to deliver certain health benefits. So while the wellbeing aspect of a product may well stimulate consumer interest, that product will only be successful if it meets and delivers the expectations of a confectionery treat. gelita fortified gummies

For manufacturers of fortified gummies therefore, the challenge is to incorporate sufficient amounts of active ingredients using established gummy manufacturing processes and equipment without changing the overall taste and texture of the end product.

Understanding the specific preferences of the target market is also crucial when it comes to producing successful gummy candies. For example, some countries generally prefer firmer textures than others, and the range of shapes, flavors, colors and other critical determinants is almost limitless. Thus, to create a suitable and market-driven product concept, the formulation needs to be based on sound experience.

This is what leading gelatine supplier GELITA offers its customers. Acting as a "trend scout", the company develops new and creative product ideas in line with the latest trends and innovations for different target groups, markets and positionings. This means that manufacturers who are looking to expand their product portfolios are able to benefit from GELITA's expertise and know-how, and they can consult its specialists to develop prototypes tailored to their own specific needs.

gelita fortified gummies

Gelatine's special properties

The immense popularity of both gummy candies and fortified gummies is mainly based on the texture- and taste-providing properties of gelatine, a versatile hydrocolloid that provides product developers with a number of functional properties.

Unlike its carbohydrate-based hydrocolloid counterparts, gelatine is a natural and easily digested protein.

 gelita fortified gummies

Being non-allergenic and free from E numbers, it is a clean label ingredient, it is compatible with most food and functional ingredients and it can be mixed with other hydrocolloids to produce different textures or improved thermal resistance.

Ease of use is essential when working with temperature-sensitive products such as gummies, and gelatine offers this. It is highly soluble and requires lower dissolution temperatures than other hydrocolloids. Additionally, when it comes to end products, only gelatine provides that unique "melt in the mouth" texture, brilliant clarity and, above all, that typical chewability.

In confectionery like fruit gummies, gelatine's principal function is gel formation, although it also contributes to elasticity, transparency and brilliance. Once in the mouth, gelatine rapidly absorbs water, its melting point decreases to body temperature and, as a result, the gel melts and the product's flavors are released. No other hydrocolloid exhibits this behavior to the same extent as gelatine.

Sugar reduced concepts for fortified fruit gums

To drive innovation and demonstrate the potential of this rapidly emerging category, GELITA's technical experts work continually on new gummy candy concepts. Taking a number of different approaches -- and bearing in mind future EU regulations on nutrition and health claims made for foods (EC No. 1924/2006 and EC No. 1925/2006) -- the company has investigated replacing sugar with protein or fiber and/or adding healthy ingredients such as vitamins and collagen peptides for skin, joint or bone health applications. 


gelita fortified gummies

VERISOL®, for example, comprises Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that, when administered orally, influence skin metabolism directly from the inside. The ingredient stimulates the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase the synthesis of collagen, elastin and proteoclycans, all of which are vital for maintaining general skin health. The results are a smoother, more elastic and better-hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles, making it ideal for beauty-conscious people who love sweets. With the special GELITA Smart Technology, it is possible to provide the daily dose of 2.5 g VERISOL® in just three sweets.

As well as being a healthy and delicious alternative to regular confectionery, sugar-reduced fortified gummies can help to support a healthy lifestyle. Low-sugar, high-fiber options are also available. These gummies provide a number of gut health benefits: soluble fiber supports the digestive process and, even at high dosages, they show very good digestive tolerance.

The latest concepts offer an added bonus over traditional candies too: sweets need no longer be bad for our teeth! Patented sugar-reduced, tooth-friendly gummies based on GELITA's concepts offer the perfect combination of soluble fiber and non-cariogenic ingredients. Low in sugar and well tolerated (with a reduced laxative effect), gummies can now play an active role in maintaining healthy teeth.

A partner for the industry

GELITA is a provider of premium ingredients. But more than that, the company also delivers outstanding, comprehensive service in a wide range of business areas -- from the development of concepts, formulations and prototypes to the selection of the ideal type of gelatine for optimized processes, marketing support, technical assistance and regulatory advice. If desired, GELITA can even take on partial or complete contract manufacturing. With their decades of experience, the company's technical experts are able to offer first class support to new and established customers alike. At the same time, on an ongoing basis, its research specialists explore new and innovative gelatine application areas that help clients to enter new markets all over the world.

gelita fortified gummies