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Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™

Published 14 November 2016 | By Gelita

BODYBALANCE™ is the new rising star on the sports nutrition horizon. The Bioactive Collagen Peptides® in combination with resistance training increase lean body mass, reduce fat mass and increase muscle strength

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™ Active or sports nutrition is witnessing a period of strong growth across a wide spectrum of markets. With this trend set to become increasingly well established as more and more people adopt healthier lifestyles, there are a number of interesting approaches that can be taken to develop successful protein-based products in this sector. However, to meet the demands of different target groups, product concepts need to deliver real benefits.

GELITA, a leading manufacturer of collagen proteins, has conducted qualitative research in the US, the UK and Germany to learn more about the problems, goals and motivations of various consumer populations when it comes to physical exercise. The results clearly show that the concept of self-optimization is a key driver for physical exercise among each focus group in all three countries. Smart dietary choices that help to achieve quicker results are a way to stay motivated and passionate about sports.

The newly developed BODYBALANCE™ ingredient from GELITA is set to fulfil the needs of different target groups as it offers to provide consumers with what they currently lack.

Focus Groups

During their focus group discussions, the researchers investigated the mindset of three target groups: 25-35 year old men and women who work out regularly and use protein products; 40-55 year old men and women who exercise occasionally; and 60-80 year old men and women suffering from sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. As preparative homework, each group had to answer several questions concerning their relationship with their own body as well as to fitness in general. The focus group discussion itself lasted for 2 hours.

Determined, Young and Ambitious

The biggest challenge for the youngest study group is investing the time and sweat to improve their body. Whereas young men are interested in muscle gain, for both aesthetic effects and body strength, women predominantly focus on losing weight and shaping their body. Also called 'generation fitness,' this demographic is convinced that working on their appearance is somewhat expected from society; although relaxation, health and social aspects also play a role, external appearance is clearly one of the main drivers. Body mania is a Zeitgeist phenomenon and this target group is actively looking for nutritional solutions that support their own determination. Always striving for the best possible looks, these men and women are willing to invest in nutritional concepts that help them to achieve their ambitious goals.

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™

Overcoming Frustration

From the age of 35 onwards, personal goals tend to change quite rapidly. For the majority, physical improvement is an aspirational dream that's difficult to achieve, mainly because of their work load and family chores. Men struggle with "middle-age spread" and losing musculature, whereas women battle against weight gain, flab, wobble and an overall loss of shape and tone. Slogans such as "50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30," etc., do resonate with this age group, but also present challenges and act as a call for action in a society that generally worships a youthful appearance.
With longer life expectancies and a natural desire to be attractive and healthy for as long as possible, people are motivated to do something for themselves. But they often fail because of the trivialities of everyday life. Nutritional solutions that help to achieve better results are therefore a means to increase motivation and overcome the feelings of frustration when it comes to physical Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™ exercise.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The condition of getting weaker is a painfully acknowledged fact among people aged 60 and older. The actual level of suffering depends on the overall health and accompanying illnesses of the individual. Yet, they are all aware that everyday chores get more and more difficult to achieve. The majority is aware of the cause and effect relationship between muscle degradation and their declining capabilities, but tend to consider it to be a general side-effect of ageing. A common perception that little can be done to stop or even reverse the process leads to a sense of resignation among this target group. However, people express a strong wish to turn things around and would be willing to 'invest' to achieve physical and mental wellbeing, independence and improvements in quality of life.

Boosting Motivation

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™ Although their drivers are different, the underlying need of all the study groups is the same: motivation for self-optimization. People are aware that resistance training is unavoidable to achieve one's goals.However, an extra boost would be appreciated. Finding a way to increase the effectiveness of each workout is highly attractive for people of all ages.

BODYBALANCETM bridges the gap that keeps consumers from reaching their goal. The regular intake of these specific collagen peptides helps to achieve visible results (less fat, more muscles, tighter form) within a credible time frame (10-12 weeks) and with reasonable investment (2-3 hours of resistance training per week).

These facts make the ingredient highly appealing for people of all ages.

Scientific Proof

The effectiveness of BODYBALANCE™ intake has been proven in a scientific study. For the first time, researchers investigated the effects of solely collagen peptide supplementation on the body composition of older men suffering from sarcopenia. During a 3-month resistance training program, a team from the Institute of Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany, investigated the effect of post-exercise supplementation with collagen peptides. The double-blind, placebo-controlled study included 60 sarcopenic men aged 65 and older, with a mean age of 72 years.

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™ Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™ Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™

The main finding of the study was that BODYBALANCE™ further increases the benefits of resistance training in elderly people with sarcopenia. As shown in Figures 1 to 3, participants in the collagen-supplemented group showed a significant increase in fat-free mass (+4.2 kg compared with +2.9 kg) and muscle strength (+16.5 Nm compared with +7.3 Nm), as well as a statistically significant reduction in fat mass (-5.4 kg compared with -3.5 kg) compared with placebo.

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™

"We are really happy with the outcome of this study," commented Dr Stephan Hausmanns, Vice President BU Health & Nutrition at GELITA. "These results clearly illustrate the huge potential that collagen peptides have to improve quality of life. We all know that achieving quick and notable results is crucial in keeping motivation for physical activity alive. Products with BODYBALANCE™ can make a difference. We at GELITA will continue to invest in groundbreaking R&D to foster the development of truly innovative collagen-based products. At the moment, we're evaluating the results of our latest study. We've recently investigated the effects of BODYBALANCE™ on body composition and toning in younger adults and the initial results are very promising."

In this latest randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the effect of post-exercise BODYBALANCE™ supplementation on fat-free body mass, fat mass and muscle strength in combination with resistance training was tested.

14 healthy, less sporty men with a mean age of 30 - 60 were treated with 15 g BODYBALANCE™ per day for 12 weeks. The results were compared with a placebo group. Changes in the body composition (fat-free mass, fat mass) were measured by DXA scans.

In addition, muscle strength, waist circumference and various blood parameters were determined. The results of the primary endpoint of the study revealed a statistically significant (p < 0.05) increase in fat-free mass after BODYBALANCE™ supplementation compared to placebo (Figure 4).

The positive effect was also reflected in the results of the secondary study criteria. BODYBALANCE™ treatment led to statistically significant fat mass reduction (p < 0.05) (Figure 5), whereas there was an improvement trend in muscle strength and waist circumference after collagen peptide intake.

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCEStaying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE

Key Properties of Collagen Peptides

With their special nutritional and technological properties, collagen peptides are enjoying increasing popularity in the food and dietary supplements market. As they are hydrolyzed to a certain extent, they are readily absorbed by the body, easily digestible and highly bioavailable. Additionally, they are free from fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and gluten, and do not contain purines. Collagen peptides are completely safe, non-allergenic and free from E-numbers, so are perfect for the development of clean label products.

GELITA supplies BODYBALANCE™ collagen peptides in fine powder and agglomerate form. They are soluble in cold water, can be poured and dosed dust-free and have perfect flow properties. In powder form, the peptides can be easily mixed with other ingredients and have excellent wetting and dissolving properties when stirred into liquids - even in high concentrations. In their natural form, they are odorless and taste-neutral and do not react with other ingredients, making them suitable for a wide range of different applications - from dietary products and functional foods to food supplements and beverages.

Staying Motivated and in Shape with GELITA's BODYBALANCE™