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Weight management solutions with Collagen Proteins

Published 13 September 2016 | By Gelita

Clever formulation design with GELITA® Gelatine

gelitaWHO-figures on overweight and obesity are alarming: since 1980 obesity has more than doubled worldwide. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese. And 42 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2013.

The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Hence, taking in fewer calories and expending more energy would be a simple formula for fighting this epidemic. The problem is however, that most people do not want to change their lifestyles. They want indulgence, treats and comfort. This simple fact explains why "low and light" as well as functional products have gained huge market shares. Limiting energy intake from total fats and sugars can be a first step into the right direction. GELITA, the leading manufacturer of collagen proteins allows manufacturers to develop products which have a lower energy density than their traditional counterparts but still are tasty and indulgent.

Maintaining volume with GELITA® Gelatine

Simply reducing sugar and fat does not produce satisfying results. While the industry has provided acceptable solutions for sugar substitution, fat reduction is way more complicated. But the natural ingredient gelatine provides a simple as well as satisfying solution: the use of gelatine enables air or water to be incorporated into a product. This means that the same product volume can have significantly fewer calories and far less fat. This simple method does not affect taste, texture and mouthfeel are excellent. With GELITA® Gelatine, the consumer does not need to compromise on taste - or eat half as much as he or she used to.


GELITA® Gelatine - one of the most versatile ingredients

Collagen proteins are highly purified proteins that can act as fat replacer, as well as a gelling, binding and whipping agent, stabilizer and emulsifier, and a film and foam former. Importantly, these ingredients do not only help to improve a product's texture, but they also boost its nutritional profile.

GELITA® Gelatine comes from natural sources. Primarily produced by hydrolysis of collagen, it is a pure protein. With only 3.3 calories per gram, gelatine has significantly fewer calories than fat, which has around 9.3 calories per gram. Gelatine is able to build thermo-reversible gels with different gelling powers in aqueous systems. It is ideal for replacing a large percentage of a product's fat content since it is able to bind with large amounts of water. GELITA® Gelatine scores points by being able to create a fat-like matrix in emulsions which exhibits shear-thinning properties and creaminess that are similar to fat. Thus, the addition of gelatine results in a smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel. Although it is not possible to replace all of the fat in a recipe due to its multiple properties, especially its flavor impact, GELITA® Gelatine can mimic all of the other sensory properties of a food, including mouthfeel, texture, structure and appearance.

Due to its foam-building properties, GELITA® Gelatine can also be used to incorporate air into a wide range of products, from desserts to cheese preparations and even spreadable meat products. What these products share is that they are multi-phase emulsions of air, oil and water. GELITA® Gelatine decreases the surface tension of the water, enabling foam to be generated by mechanical whipping or by the injection of gas. It then stabilizes the foam. So large amounts of air can be incorporated into and maintained in the product, with different bubble sizes able to produce textures ranging from creamy to fluffy. Due to gelatine's gelling and stabilizing properties, product texture remains the same, even over longer storage times.

Meeting modern nutrition guidelines and clean label trends

gelitaGELITA® Gelatine has no taste of its own. It is also odorless, so has no negative impact on the sensorial impression of an end product. An important technological consideration is that these collagen proteins are easy to combine with almost any other ingredient and are thus easy to incorporate into any formulation.

Importantly, collagen proteins are easy to digest and extremely well tolerated. Their low allergenic potential gives them a considerable advantage over other ingredients, given the growing number of food intolerances among today's consumers. Being free from preservatives, fat, carbohydrates, purine and cholesterol collagenous proteins contribute overall health and well-being.

GELITA® Gelatine also fits in with today's trend for "Clean Labels". As a natural foodstuff, rather than a food additive, its use is neither limited nor restricted, and it does not have an "E-number". Thus, gelatine does not have to be declared as an additive on an end product's label.

Application examples

Butter and margarines are typical applications for water incorporation. In both cases, large amounts of water can be brought into the product and in order to maintain consistency, structure and spreadability, the water is gelled with GELITA® Gelatine. This means that the texture and taste of the standard products can be fully maintained. The same is true for dressings and mayonnaises, and a large number of successful examples are already on the market. In a typical ranch dressing formulation, for example, the use of GELITA® Gelatine can reduce the caloric value from 230 to 86 calories per 100 grams. Protein is increased from 1.6 to 3 grams, and fat is reduced from 21.2 to 5.6 grams /100g.gelita

For cheese preparations and cheese imitations, GELITA® Collagen and GELITA® Gelatine are ideal. Two-phase water-in-water systems can be easily achieved using swellable collagen proteins, which can create a creamy and fatty mouthfeel similar to that produced by oil-in-water emulsions. This effect can be used to reduce the fat content of emulsions without negatively affecting taste, texture or mouthfeel. For example, pizza cheeses or cheese slices for cheeseburgers can easily be produced in this way. The results are excellent, and can stand up to comparison with classic standard products.

With meat products, GELITA® Gelatine can be used to create aspics and spreadable products which have significantly fewer calories than other meat or sausage products. Spreadable preparations are growing in popularity, but they are extremely high in fat and are perfect candidates for fat reduction. In such products, gelatine can act as fat replacer and provide excellent texture and improved spreadability at the same time.

In desserts, the idea of using gelatines to produce foams is not new. However, it has traditionally been used to improve texture and stability. Using foams to add air and thus cut fat, carbohydrates and calories with GELITA® Gelatine is a newer idea which can help manufacturers to produce waistline-friendly products. New application possibilities include, for example, espumas - foams from vegetables or fruit. With creativity and using unconventional methods, many fat- and gelitacalorie-reduced food product concepts can be developed.

Basically, all collagen peptides have foam building properties, such as reducing surface tension, increasing viscosity in the aqueous phase, or building a viscoelastic layer in the interface. But GELITA can provide a precise setup of all relevant parameters for every desired application.


Choosing the right partner

As collagen proteins are derived from natural materials, they are subject to natural variation - and for food manufacturers, this is an important point. In order to be able to ensure end product quality and consistency, manufacturers need to be certain that the type of collagen protein used has unwavering, constant properties. They need to be confident that their supplier will always supply products with exactly the same properties - from consistent bloom value and viscosity to precisely the same particle size, gelling time and setting/melting temperature. Any change in any of these parameters will alter the end product and involve complicated and time-intensive alterations to the production process. To ensure that its customers don't have these problems, GELITA guarantees to supply products which always displays exactly the same properties and high quality. This consistency is the result of more than 140 years of experience and expertise. The global supplier also supports its clients at all stages of the production process - from product concept to formulation design and manufacturing technology.