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Microencapsulated Minerals

By Lipofoods

Our microencapsulated mineral products target a variety of people from all age groups, and can help overcome certain health conditions, such as iron deficiency and osteoporosis.

microencapsulated minerals

Microencapsulated minerals can help improve the overall health of consumers from all age groups

Why use microencapsulated minerals in your brand final products?

Lipofoods' expertise in mineral microencapsulation enables customers to develop value-added consumer products, such as fortified functional foods and dietary supplements.

The benefits of using microencapsulation technology include minimised unpleasant taste, enhanced bioavailability and improved stability (see image below for full details).

microencapsulated minerals

Microencapsulated iron

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), iron deficiency is recognised as the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world.

LIPOFER® is a water-dispersible micronised source of iron that has been microencapsulated to boost iron absorption and reduce unwanted organoleptic characteristics.

LIPOFER can be applied to milk and dairy products, dietary supplements, bakery products, confectionery, cereal bars and drinks.

microencapsulated iron

Click here for our LIPOFER® brochure.

Microencapsulated calcium

LIPOCAL™ is a water-dispersible micronised source of calcium coated with lecithin. The unique delivery system of this product boosts calcium dispersibility and absorption. LIPOCAL™ can be used to fortify and enrich with calcium a wide range of food applications such as milk powder, dairy products and dietary suplements.

microencapsulated calcium
Click here for our LIPOCAL brochure.

Microencapsulated zinc

Zinc is one of the most important trace minerals in human nutrition, functioning to boost immunity, as well as work within the smell and taste systems of our body.

Lipofoods' ZINCNOVA™ is a non-reactive form of zinc oxide that has been microencapsulated in a food grade fat carrier to avert unwanted interactions with other components of food formulations.

ZINCNOVA™ can be used within dairy products, breakfast cereals, nutritional bars, confectionery products, as well as cold lozenges.

microencapsulated zinc

Click here for our ZINCNOVA™ brochure.